Saturday, December 3, 2011

We need support

I thought my next blog was going to be about the unveiling of the new Impact jersey and the new signings however there is something the really disappointed me this week and that was the lack of Impact coverage overall by our local media.

 Everyday we hear stories with the Habs, when is Markov coming back, who should play in the 1st line, why Gomez doesn't score, let's trade him and get him ect ect ect. That's fine and we "Impact fans" are very aware we will not have the same coverage as the Habs, but this Habs coverage by the Montreal media especially RDS and TVASPORT is exaggerated to say the least. especially from TVASports who are the main broadcasters of the Impact for the next 5 years if I'm not mistaking. the only station that gives importance to the Impact is TSN990 Tony Marinaro will talk about the Impact and soccer in general from time to time and the show Oranges at half time with Noel Butler but its still not enough.

 Thursday night the Impact lived a historical moment by unveiling their very first MLS kits and quite frankly I thought the media "RDS & TVASPORTS" would get more involved but it was disappointing to see that they didn't really care, they just talked about it for a few minutes and then moved on back to hockey "Habs" talk

 MLS is probably not the most popular soccer league in the world but certainly more popular than the NHL, I was in Peru not too long ago and my cousins knew that Montreal was joining the MLS in 2012 because MLS games are broadcast overthere via ESPN. That should just give us an idea of how important it is for Montreal to have a pro soccer team and the press should realize that.

 My point is that the press has to do its share in order to attract more fans, how are we suppose to attract the normal sports fan from Montreal that only follows hockey if the sports channels RDS and TVAsport don't talk about it?? in order to make them come to the games they have to talks about the club,players, the league and our future opponents. The Impact too have a big role on that and should also insist to get more media coverage .

 I invite all of you fans to get involved and to write letters,emails,tweets whatever it takes to those channles to make things change as fans we have a role

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

See you in MLS

Well we now know that the Impact will not make the NASL playoffs, very sad tonight because we gave it all tonight beating Atlanta 4-0 with a great effort from the team but it wasn't enough.The Montreal Impact only have themselves to blame for the outcome of the season, we lost too many points, games where we should of won,games where we just could not hold on to our lead and ended up losing or drawing. Looking at the standings and the analyzing the games where we dropped points we could of easily being in the top 3 of the league and thinking about the playoffs.

 Our last season in the NASL or D2 will be a year to forget, for many reasons,there was too many things happening on the field and in the clubs management from Dos Santos getting sacked to the bad performance on the field, tonight I'm not frustrated I'm just disappointed cause the team woke up too late, just when we had a few games left to the season the players realized they could of qualified for the playoffs but it was too late , can I say that I'm proud of the team after they gave it all the last few games? the answer is no. I would of loved to make it next year to the MLS as the NASL champions

 You would think that this year the players would of gave it all in order to get a slight chance to make it to the MLS next season but in reality it was the opposite, there was games where you kind of felt players didn't care.

 What positive things can we keep form this season? not much Perhaps Busch who came in replacing Gaudet and did an extremely good job. There are others like Camara, Montano, Ubi that did a good job and that can be considered for next season, although Montano is on loan but I hope we could find a way to sign him. Anyways I will blog soon about the players that are currently part of the club that I would like to see next season in the MLS.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Commentaires d'avant-match / Pre-Game Comments - IMPACT @ Atlanta - Sept...

Important game for the Impact and I as most fans I'm very nervous but confident and not because we are facing Atlanta but because I know the team will show a lot of character. We will know officially at around 9:30pm tomorrow night. TOUS POUR GAGNER

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

End of the 2011 season

With this 2011 coming to and end I think its needless to say that this was a very though season for the Impact , now we only have one game remaining and we just have to win ,no choice and hope Minnesota will either tie or lose vs Carolina I’m very positive about saturday nights matchup vs Atlanta however I hope the players will not take them lightly, I really hope this will not be the case as it could be a big mistake but I would believe they learned from previous games that there was lots of game were Montreal was favorite and we just lost or ending up drawing
In my opinion the only thing that could save the season will be to win the title, I know its probably bit asking too much but as a Montreal Impact fan we got use to have winning seasons and this year the results were just not there. However I think tat the Impact will be a dangerous team in the playoffs if we make it, the way the season is ending I would think most clubs in the NASL will not wanna face us
Its probably too early to say cause we’re not in the playoffs yet but if we make it I say we will win it all and we will all forget about this though season, just like it was in 2009 although that year we had better results on general
I hope we won’t remember our last season in D2 “NASL” with all what happened,bad results,firing of Marc Dos Santos , Nick de Santis calling the Ultras as bad fans or Joey Saputo always backing up De Santis ect ect
We will know officially in Saturday at around 9:30pm if we’re in the playoffs or not as our game will be played at the same time as the Minnesota game, so I’ll be taking a close look to both games. Let’s hope for the best 

 While we are waiting for the end of this 2011 season as most fans here in Montreal I’m very exited with the MLS its something that for years I been dreaming of and that’s where Montreal a major city in North America has to be. It will be quite a good adventure that I’m sure will be full of success I already have my seat reserved at the Saputo Stadium. Can we be the very first Canadian team to make to the playoffs? we shall see but it would be something and there’s still a possibility of that happening as neither will Vancouver and Toronto will make the MLS playoffs this year.
 Which player will come? well that’s something we will know in the coming months but most important thing is to get a player that will want to play here in Montreal and that will take the league serious. That’s something that I will be blogging about more during the winter. 
I will leave you for now with this video, one of my favorites of the Ultras, I think this would be a good anthem for the club